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Supa Bot 🔥Fire🔥: I Spit That

A bot that tweets in the style of Supa Hot Fire

I wrote a bot that replies to people’s tweets in the style of Supa Hot Fire. While the primary goal was dank memes, it also served as a nice introduction to natual language processing and the Twitter API.

Update: The bot got banned. RIP in peace.

How it works

When running, the bot gets a stream of tweets containing ‘I’ or ‘we’ via Twitter’s streaming API. It looks for tweets in the stream in the format of a personal pronoun followed by a verb (for example *”I like turtles”). When it gets a hit, it restructures the sentence (“Turtles: I like that”*) and tweets it back at the tweeter. Then it chills out for up to an hour.

It uses Tweepy as a Twitter API wrapper and NLTK to chunk and tag tweets.