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Bike Synthesizer

Turning a track bike into a synthesizer

Back in 2020, I was cycling home when I noticed something in my drivetrain was squeaking and I loved the way the sound synchronized with the movement of my legs. It feels great to cycle, even better to cycle to music, and when the music’s synced with you - pure perfection. That’s when I decided a bike synthesizer needs to exist. So I made an arduino based device with a hall-effect sensor and glued magnets to my chainring. The arduino sends MIDI signals over USB that can then be used however to make music.

I later found out it’s been done before by Look Mum No Computer, but wanted to take it further and see what it’d be like on a fixed gear track bike where the music can be completely synchronized to a rider’s legs, and perform it tearing up these mf streets riding through traffic of course.

The first (static) test from 2022 giving an idea how it works:

A recording of a live audiovisual performance at Fjords in September 2023 in Petrozavodsk. Footage recorded in Yerevan in June 2023 with my bois Rob riding and Savva shooting.

It’s been years since the initial idea but I still haven’t realized its full potential - stay tuned!