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Bikesatanist Manifesto

Why is cycling a satanic endeavour?
bikesatanist manifesto

The bikesatanist manifesto, as published in the 3rd annual новогодний зин КППХ (russian language). Art by interpassive. Text below.

Why is cycling satanic? It is:

  • Rejection of the established car-centric order
  • Acceptance of chaos on the road and in our lives, and self-determination in the ways we choose to navigate it
  • Reclamation of autonomy in transport through self-reliance and an intimate connection with one’s body
  • More empathy for and awareness of our surroundings by breaking the metal cage separating us
  • Respect for our community and environment through the minimization of pollution
  • Faith in the innate good in our fellow humans not to murder us with giant metal beasts
  • Fun as fuck, feeding our base instincts and carnal desires
  • Sexy

So uncage yourself, get out there, tear up these motherfucking streets and keep it satanic. Stay safe and follow your local traffic laws, or don’t, I’m not going to tell you what to do.