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Ayo! I'm Satyarth, I live in Moscow. I livecode generative visuals as Cactus Juice, like to mess around with sound (usually as part of Moscow Noise Manufactory and Structured Noise Collective), and tear up these mf streets and trails on my bicycles.

Speaking of bicycles, I dunno how you ended up here, but I'm going to make you look at pictures of my bikes.

aventon cordoba

colossi lowpro

dolan RDX

I like messing around with code, and try to make anything interesting I write available on GitHub. In my spare time I'm doing a PhD applying machine learning to problems in genetics at Skoltech. I previously did a degree in Physics at Cambridge, where I was heavily involved in the CU Physics Society and the CU Computing and Technology Society.

Check out my taste in music.


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